Behind The White Tower Remastered

Original name: 하얀 거탑 / 하얀거탑

Director: An Pan-Seok, Kwan-seok Han

Release: 2018


Episode: 20 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Romance


Kim Myung-Min
as Jang Joon-Hyuk
Lee Sun-Kyun
as Choi Do-Young
Cha In-Pyo
as No Min-Kook
Song Seon-Mi
as Lee Yun-Jin
Kim Bo-Kyeong
as Kang Hee-Jae


Set in a university hospital, Behind The White Tower follows one brilliant doctor's relentless pursuit of his ambition to its conclusion. By microscopically depicting the hidden side of the medical profession, it sheds light on a variegated spectrum of human types. The show recounts the friendship and conflict between two male doctors, one with a brilliant gift for his craft and the other with an innate warmth and a firm devotion to the healing art, and tenaciously investigates the lust for power that moves human beings in the White tower that is the university hospital.

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