To. Jenny

Original name: 투제니

Director: Park Jin-Woo

Release: July 10 & 17, 2018

Runtime: Tuesday 23:00

Episode: N/A

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Kim Sung-Cheol
as Park Jung-Min
Jung Chae-Yeon
as Kwon Na-Ra
Choi Yoo-Ri
as Park Ok-Hee
Park Mi-Sun
as Kim Mi-Ok
Yang Ik-June
as Kim Hyung-Soo


Jeong Min, who has never dated before, works at a convenience store. He hasn't given up on his dream of becoming a musician. During his high school year, he sang off-key in front of his one-sided lover. From that day, he could no longer sing in front of a public. One day, his longtime lover appears at his workplace. As she happens to visit often, he starts to like her again.

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