A Taxi Driver

Original name: 택시 운전사

Director: Jang Hun

Release: August 2, 2017

Runtime: 137 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy


Song Kang-Ho
as Kim Man-Seob
Yu Hae-Jin
as Hwang Tae-Sool
Ryoo Joon-Yeol
as Koo Jae-Sik
Park Hyuk-Kwon
as Reporter Choi


In May, 1980, German reporter Peter (Thomas Kretschmann) works on assignment in Tokyo, but the news is slow there. He hears from a colleague that something ominous is occurring in Gwangju, South Koea. The phone lines have been completely cut off to the city. Peter decides to go there.

In Seoul, South Korea, Kim Man-Seob (Song Kang-Ho) struggles to make ends meet as a taxi driver, while also taking care of his daughter. He needs money to pay for his rent. At a restaurant, Kim Man-Seob overhears that a foreigner is offering to pay a lot of money to be driven to Gwangju. The drive would cover Kim Man-Seob's rent. He dashes out of the restaurant to pick up the foreigner.

Soon, Peter and Kim Man-Seob head for Gwangju from Seoul. They don't know what is going on there or the countless lives that will soon be lost.