Love Test

Original name: 炼爱

Director: Chu Hui Lin

Release: 2016

Runtime: 126 min

Country: China

Genre: Romance


The marriage was doomed from the start.


 Shang Guan Xue Er (Jin Bo Han) thought she was entering into a happy marriage with Wu Tian Xiang (Liu Qian Cheng) and is surprised when his attitude suddenly changes toward her after their wedding. It turns out that Tian Xiang only married Xue Er to get revenge on her because he blames her for his brother’s attempted suicide and subsequent comatose state.


 But things get complicated when Tian Xiang actually falls in love with Xue Er, and he decides to stop his revenge plan and divorce Xue Er. When Tian Xiang’s brother wakes up from his coma and reveals the real cause of his attempted suicide, can Tian Xiang find Xue Er in time to clear up the misunderstanding?