The Outlaws

Original name: Criminal City | 범죄도시

Director: Kang Yoon-Sung

Release: October 3, 2017

Runtime: 121 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Crime


Ma Dong-Seok
as Ma Suk-Do
Yoon Kye-Sang
as Jang Chen
Jo Jae-Yun
as Boss Hwang Choon-Sik
Choi Gwi-Hwa
as Captain Jeon
Park Ji-Hwan
as Chang Yi-Soo


Jang Chen (Yoon Kye-Sang) came from China and now works as a loan shark in a seedy Chinatown area of Seoul. He's backed up by his bloodthirsty henchmen Wei Sung-Rak (Jin Seon-Kyu) and Yang-Tae (Kim Sung-Kyu). Jang Chen is beyond brutal in his methods to collect money. Meanwhile, Ma Suk-Do (Ma Dong-Seok) is a detective in the Chinatown area of Seoul. He tries to keep the peace, while two Chinese-Korean gangs battle over turf in the neighborhood. Jang Chen makes his move to take over.