Warriors of the Dawn

Original name: 대립군

Director: Jeong Yoon-Chul

Release: May 31, 2017

Runtime: 130 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Action, Adventure


Lee Jung-Jae
as To-Woo
Yeo Jin-Goo
as Prince Gwanghae
Kim Moo-Yul
as Gok-Soo
Park Won-Sang
as Jo-Seung
as Duk-Yi


To avoid invading Japanese forces, King Seonjo leaves for the Ming dynasty and abandons his people in the process. In his place, Prince Gwanghae Yeo Jin-Goo leads the royal court. Meanwhile, To-Woo Lee Jung-Jae leads the Daerib forces. They consist of those who are paid to serve in the military on behalf of others.